For the past 130 years, the Twigs of the Rochester General Hospital Association (RGHA) have helped Rochester General sustain its facilities and programs. They recently added to their long and distinguished history of support by committing $2.5 million toward a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) within the future Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care at Rochester General Hospital (RGH).

In May 2017, Rochester Regional Health began construction on the 7-story, 312,000-square-foot center. As part of the third floor of this addition, the new state-of-the-art Rochester General Hospital Association/Twigs NICU will include 14 private rooms, enabling more advanced and specialized care for the most critical newborns. This unit, along with pre- and post-natal care, will provide comprehensive support from the time an expectant mother arrives at the hospital until she and her baby are able to go home.

“We believe that supporting the NICU is the most impactful way for us to demonstrate our support for RGH and to continue our long history of funding programs and projects focused on patient-/family-centered care and safety,” says current RGHA President Nancy Koris.

With the inclusion of the NICU in the new building, providers at RGH will be able to offer care for babies in more acute situations, reducing the number of necessary transports to other facilities.

“We are excited about the new options that will be available to us.  Our focus has been and always will be care for the whole family.  This addition further facilitates the close collaboration that exists between our pediatric and maternity services and will allow us to do more for our patients,” says Chief of Pediatrics Dr. David Siegel.

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